Learning Guitar in Mannheim



Are you searching for tailor made guitar lessons?


Welcome to my homepage


The guitar is my passion. It is a need for me teaching the instruments with all its diversity, referring the fun playing music and giving people the chance to experience what personal gain is meant by playing an instrument.



Myself encouraged due to splendid teachers and idols I teach children and teenagers as well as adults of all ages in subjects like acoustic and electric guitar. Newcomers and newcomers of different musical background belong here, too.


The range of the offered music styles starts with Pop and Rock goes over to Blues and Jazz and ends in Metal. Of course, to provide a easy access my youngest students are taught with age-appropriated music and every requested repertory of children's songs and Christmas songs.


Convinced that learning can be funny every student receives a tailor made teaching concept to his or her individual needs.


Details to my teaching concept and my service features are available under the particular menu points or within a free trail lesson in a personal dialogue with me.


I am looking forward to your call: 0621/ 326 960 46   or  0171/ 1 73 55 84